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Click on the Mp3 file to link to the ARRL code page you are requesting. The audio file will load and you will see a Qick Time MP3 play bar on a white screen and code will start. or use windows media player lots nicer display.

When done using Quick Time click the back arrow on your browser and you will return to this page or just close the window. When using windows media player just close the window when done




Click on Text and a window white screen with the text sent will be displayed in your browser .

When done click the back arrow on your browser and you will return to this page.


Dec 31 123105WPM.mp3 123105.txt
  18 121705WPM.mp3 121705.txt
  3 120305WPM.mp3 120305.txt
Nov 19 111905WPM.mp3 111905.txt
  5 110505WPM.mp3 110505.txt
Oct 22 102205WPM.mp3 102205.txt
  8 100805WPM.mp3 100805.txt
Sep 24 092405WPM.mp3 092405.txt
  10 091005WPM.mp3 091005.txt
Aug 27 082705WPM.mp3 082705.txt
  13 081305WPM.mp3 081305.txt
Jul 3 070205WPM.mp3 070205.txt
Jun 19 061805WPM.mp3 061805.txt
  5 060405WPM.mp3 060405.txt
May 27 052105WPM.mp3 052105.txt
  9 050705WPM.mp3 050705.txt
Apr 23 042305WPM.mp3 042305.txt
  11 040905WPM.mp3 040905.txt
Mar 27 032605WPM.mp3 032605.txt
  13 031205WPM.mp3 031205.txt
Feb 27 022705WPM.mp3 022705.txt
  14 021305WPM.mp3 021305.txt
Jan 30 013005WPM.mp3 013005.txt
  16 011605WPM.mp3 011605.txt
  4 010205WPM.mp3 010205.txt


Dec 31 121605WPM.mp3 121605.txt
  16 120205WPM.mp3 120205.txt
  3 111805WPM.mp3 111805.txt
Nov 23 110405WPM.mp3 110405.txt
  5 100705WPM.mp3 100705.txt
Oct 8 092305WPM.mp3 092305.txt
Sep 25 090905WPM.mp3 090905.txt
  10 082605WPM.mp3 082605.txt
Aug 26 081205WPM.mp3 081205.txt
Jul 29 072905WPM.mp3 072905.txt
  15 071505WPM.mp3 071505.txt
  1 070105WPM.mp3 070105.txt
Jun 25 061705WPM.mp3 061705.txt
  8 060305WPM.mp3 060305.txt
May 20 052005WPM.mp3 052005.txt
  7 050605WPM.mp3 050605.txt
Apr 24 042205WPM.mp3 042205.txt
  9 040805WPM.mp3 040805.txt
Mar 25 032505WPM.mp3 032505.txt
  11 031105WPM.mp3 031105.txt
Feb 25 022505WPM.mp3 022505.txt
  11 021105WPM.mp3 021105.txt
Jan 28 012805WPM.mp3 012805.txt
  15 011405WPM.mp3 011405.txt