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                                                                                                       In Memory Of Jim Hicks K4JPE


Click on photo to view slide show      Anybody else got anything of Jim I will be happy to post it.

Jim'Antenna Projects


The Sad Day Of Taking Down 146.985  Antennas      


The Guys that hang out now, as a hole , are currently on the Butner 146.940  repeater came over

 from the 146.985  frequency when our good buddy Jim Hicks became a (SK). in 2009.

During Jim's last few days  his wife Sue shut down the .985 , she was trained well buy

Jim to do the job when he was on the road. We all used the 146.940 repeater  to keep up

on Jim's status during his last few days. Thanks Dave, WA4IZG for being there and

accommodating us to use the .94 .


We ALL Miss Jim in his  his wisdom as well as  all the neat stuff he had going on the .985.

The frequency has been re-coordinated to KB4WGA,  So the 985 is still on the air only

 now from a different location. It's now at John's KB4WGA  QTH  in Durham.

John is busy rebuilding the repeater.

As of January 2011, KB4WGA/R is in very local test mode. It's still a  work in progress ,

but try to hit it anyway.

Check out the KN4AQ repeater list on RARS page. for updates as well.

Thanks Jim for all the wonderful  fun and friendship and for all the year we had on the air,

 73'S Good Buddy !

Gary KQ2P  ... _ ._    & DIT DIT